Drunk and Ashes

The tale of a fallen friend

Type: Short Film
Running Time: 11:30

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Victor, a veteran of the 1st Pangean War, mourns the loss of his friend, and commander, Callum. Trying to drink his sorrows away in a bar in Callum’s hometown, a young writer and bartender are able to convince Victor to tell Callum’s story.




Victor    David Parisian

Martin    Jacob Reginella

Melanie   Felicia Simone

Callum    Ross Hammond



Produced by Krystle Ferdinand

Written & Directed by Kevin Badali

Director of Photography   Ryan Forneri

Editor    Kevin Shak

Post Sound   Ben Skinner

Location Sound    Yanick Kayembe & Jill Lefaive

Music    Spencer Creaghan

Production Designer    Sarah Johnston