The Written Waltz

Having a dream means having hope – Dealing with the fear and consequences in choices we make are a small price to pay for that dream

Genre: Drama

Sidestep 4

Sidestep 6

Scott spends his days asking for money on the streets; Jasmine lives in the office, working her life away. What do they have in common? Nothing, until a chance encounter develops into a rare friendship. Hoping to get Scott’s life back in order, Jasmine encourages him to pursue a dream he thought impossible. Though defensive at first, Scott eventually gives in, but only on the condition that Jasmine start following a dream of her own, on that she thought she’d forgotten.

The two of them set out pursuing their dream. However, in the process, Jasmine begins pushing her childhood friend, Ethan, further away and Scott starts lying to one of the only friends he has, Andrew, another street dweller.

As Scott and Jasmine’s dreams are tested by those closest to them, they begin to realize the risk of following a dream.

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